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Cloth Wristbands
lanyard badgeholder laminate pouches
From $.28 each
Badge Holders
From $.16 each
Laminate Pouches
Priced from $.18 each

wristbands Woven wristband Holographic Stickers
From $18 per 500
C-Bands NEW
(Woven Wristbands)

From $.34 each
Holographic Stickers
From $.15 each

Lanyards are an easy way to hang badgeholders and laminate passes around your neck. Lanyards can be customized in many shapes and sizes, such as 3/8", 3/4" and 1". We offer many end fitting styles such as; swivel hooks, bulldog clips, key ring, quick disconnect buckles and breakaway options. Our silk screened custom lanyards can be printed in 1 to 10 colors and we have many lace color options to choose from. We can print custom logos, text, graphics, company names on the lanyards.

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