All Access Badge


Looking for an affordable, laminated All Access badge?

These high quality All Access badges are just the answer you've been looking for. Order today and arrive tomorrow. These are 3"x 4.75" Pill Shaped backstage all access passes. They are as thick as a credit card and printed on recyclable paper stock.

Order Today and Arrive Tomorrow!

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Size: 3" x 4.75" Pill Shape
Thickness: 30MIL (Like a Credit Card)
Slotted: Yes

  • Great for tours, festivals, fairs, special events and trade shows
  • High quality printing
  • 30MIL Thick lamination on both sides
  • Holographic Front Side offers better visibility for security
  • Slotted on the Top Center
  • Color Coded for better security
  • Artwork goes to edge pass (Flush Cut)
  • Can be customized


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